• Sam Breach •

Retouching & Photo Editing Portfolio

I'm an experienced Digital Artist who's worked in the photography, movie, advertising, design & games industries. I'm skilled in photo editing, digital image manipulation, asset management, curation, team leadership & art direction. 

Ecommerce & Product

I've delivered thousands of edited photographs for Ecommerce & Catalogues. Past clients include Indigo Fourth, Pisu Bazaar, Kiss That Frog, eDressit, Style Enhanced, Anna V, Freddie Fox Face  and Fearless Hearts.

Conceptual & COmpositing

I embrace the impossible - with Photoshop anything can happen.  My Compositor credits on movies include Lemony Snicket, Sky Captain and The Chronicles of Narnia. I accept both private & commercial commissions for conceptual imagery. 

Fashion & Editorial

 Publication-worthy work quality.  Past print runs include Creative Spaces, Dark Beauty, Salyse, Pump, Elegant, Promo, Art Tile, Style Equation, Valerie, Surreal Beauty, Minc, Freque and Red.


Super real or super stylized, fresh or filtered, I'm experienced at editing lifestyle libraries, starting with raw or compressed file formats, to match specified Brand and Style Guidelines.  

PortRaits & Headshots

Because every individual deserves to be the very best version of themselves even if that means blitzing a few blemishes, evening out some pores, or reducing the appearance of the odd wrinkle.


Conferences, parties, weddings, networking, any type of gathering, adults, kids, business, pleasure; any number of shots - I can create a cohesive look across a batch of photographs, large or small. 

Befores & Afters

About Me

I'm a British transplant to the beautiful Bay Area where I love nothing more than to drink endless cups of tea and noodle around with imagery.

Dust, dirt and blemish removal is my meditation and creating frame extensions is fun: It's like lego for retouchers, where you use other parts of the image as building blocks.

I thrive in fast paced environments, under pressure, with tight deadlines and moving goal posts. I am quick to take initiative and can be trusted to work independently as well as being a strong and supportive ally on any team.

I am currently open to both short and long term opportunities;  freelance curation, retouching assignments or a full time Photo Editor position.